Home Video Transfer

We specialise in transferring and converting your home video to a futureproof digital format.
At Convert2Digital we have the facility to convert all most all commercially available video formats to the digital medium of your choice, whether that is MP4 vide files, DVD or Blu-ray. Our vintage cameras and tape decks are kept in the best possible order to ensure the best quality transfers for our customers.

Some of the most common formats we convert are:

Old VHS Video Cassettes isolated on white background


We can digitise from a number of VHS tapes including standard VHS, Long Play VHS, Super VHS, VHS-C as well as both PAL and NTSC formatted tapes.

betamax cassette


Despite being the overlooked video format of the 1980’s we are able to convert Betamax in our studio.

video 8 tape


Our Video8 services include all three commercially available formats, Video8, Hi8 and Digi8.

group of mini dv tape isolated on white

DV Tape

We have a range of Digital Video decks and cameras which allow us to cover the full range including DV, MiniDV, HDV and MiniHDV.

bobines de cinéma


At our studio we can convert your 8mm, Super8 and Super8 with audio Cine-Film reels  to High Definition or even 4K video files, DVD or Bluray.

Old audio cassette isolated on white background

Audio Cassette

As well as video tapes we have a number of cassette tape decks to transfer your old recordings to audio files or CD.



We can convert most DVD-R recordings to digital video files, futureproofing your recordings, especially as DVD players and optical drives on computers are being phased out.

if you have a format that is not listed above please contact us as we have new (vintage) equipment in on a regular basis.

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