Unique Christmas Gifts

It’s never to early to think about Christmas!

Christmas Offer

Christmas Offer


Why not get those precious family memories converted to DVD or Blu-ray to keep for ever.  Give your friends and family a unique gift they will love.


If we receive your order by 30th November 2018 they will be ready in time for Christmas.

All orders received before 30th November 2018 that quote “Christmas Offer” will receive a 10% discount.


Contact us today to find out what unique gifts we can offer at Convert2Digital.

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A Unique Christmas Gift

It’s never to early to think about Christmas!

Christmas Offer

Christmas Offer


Why not get those precious family memories converted to DVD or Blu-ray to keep for ever.  Give your friends and family a unique gift they will love.


If we receive your order by 30th November 2018 they will be ready in time for Christmas.

All orders received before 30th November 2018 that quote “Christmas Offer” will receive a 10% discount.


Contact us today to find out what unique gifts we can offer at Convert2Digital.

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A new use for your old cassette cases

So once you’ve transferred all your videos to DVD/digital what do you do with the relics?

The BBC’s Kate Russell has a suggestion…


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Any Format

At Covert2Digital we pride ourselves on being experts and working with legacy media formats.  Whilst VHS is by far the most commonly dealt with source for transfers we can convert almost any format our clients have provided us with.  We have an extensive range of legacy recorders, players and projectors that allow us to expertly convert your home movies and recordings to your chosen format.  Our equipment is maintained in the best possible condition in order to maintain the integrity of you originals with minimal wear and tear impact.  Our staff are fully trained in handling your tapes and film reels in a careful and considerate manor taking care not to damage the original material and where necessary preforming repairs.

Some of the formats that we offer currently are:

Analogue Video






8mm / Hi8


Digital Vide0



Mini HDV


Mini DVD

DVD Camcorder

HDD Camcorder

Mobile Phone Video

DSLR Video



8mm Cinefilm

Standard 8 Cinefilm


Super8 with Audio



Audio Cassette

8 Track Tape

Magnetic Reel to Reel



If you have a recording on a format that is not listed above please get in touch as we are always up for a challenge!


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1970’s Isle of Man Racing Found Footage

Lost Film?

Whilst recently unpacking an 8mm projector that our technical director had in the attic we discovered a bag of Super 8mm film reels.  The film which had no date or name on the cases had obviously been in the box with the projector for quite some time.  The films which presumably belonged to the same person that once owned the projector were un marked except for one marked “Manx Start”, this 3 1/2 minute reel can be seen above.

Always keen on a good mystery we loaded the films up and watched them all.  The films seem to follow car races at an event which we presumed was taking place on the Isle of Man, and judging by the hairstyles it is at some point during the 1970’s!  What we do know for certain is that the projector was saved from being thrown out at Treharris Community Centre approximately 6 years ago.  So the best guess is that the film maker was from the Merthyr Tydfil area and the projector was left at the community centre at some point before this.

We thought it would be an adventure of sorts to reunite the footage with either the film makers, someone feature in the film (one of the racers perhaps) or a family member who may recognise some element of the film. We converted the film to digital and uploaded it to YouTube in the hope that getting the film out and in front of as many eyes as possible would help us find some answers.

The film footage has been online for less than 24 hours and we have already been contacted by Manx Radio, the radio station of the Isle of Man, in regard to the finding someone who may recognise the film.  David Goodfield our technical director recorded a short interview which is due to be broadcast on their morning show some time between 7.30 and 8.30 on Thursday 19th March.  A link the Manx Radio website can be found here, if you want to listen live or use their listen again feature. We would like to thank @ManxRadio and journalist Jason Roberts for getting in touch with us and helping to get the footage out the Isle of Man racing community.  It would be amazing if someone who listens to Manx Radio or who sees the video on their website could shed some light on these films.

Can You Help?

If anyone can identify the three individuals in the film or if you know of anyone who may have been filming car races during the 1970’s on the Isle of Man please get in touch as we would love to return the now converted film reels to either the people involved in the filming or any family who recognises any part of the film.

We will be posting regular updates on this story as there are developments, you can follow us either through our website, on our Facebook page, via YouTube or follow us on Twitter.


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Convert your precious home videos to DVD

Conver2Digital Advert March 2015

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6 Reasons to Transfer Your VHS Tapes

Broken Video Tape

1. Mould

This is a very common problem when it comes to VHS videos as a result of their age. The most common places people keep their VHS tapes are an attic or garage which, due to moisture and rapidly changing temperatures are perfect for mould growth, making them about the worst possible place for storage.

2. Tape Warping

This can happen with temperature changes and can seriously damage the magnetic strip of the tape and again is very likely to happen in attics and garages.

3. Sticking

Sticking can also occur after temperature and air quality fluctuation, if this happens you can say goodbye to your cherished memories forever.

4. Detaching

When tape detaches from its housing it can be fixed but only if you can find someone who deals in repairing VHS Tapes. If it is not fixed, being exposed can cause severe damage to the tape and result in a deterioration in quality of the film.

5. Housing Cracks or Housing Mechanism Jams

As you know back in the day when tapes were being watched over and over again, they were probably dropped and knocked about which means there is probably housing damage to the tape whether it is visible on the outside or not. A cracked case could cause it to jam in the player, which can often lead to further tape damage or even irreparable damage to the player itself.

5. Shredded Tape

This can be caused over time due to all the above reasons and if and when that happens it will be too late to save your precious memories.

So why wait?
Get in touch today!

Call us on: 07904370723 or
Email us at: info@convert2digital.co.uk


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New Years Offer!


Conver2Digital Advert January 2015


Convert your old Photographs, VHS, Hi8, digi8, MiniDV and other home videos to DVD and digital media to keep forever.

Call us now on 07904 370723

or via e-mail info@convert2digital.co.uk


Terms and Conditions

1. Offer is available on any order placed up until midnight on 28th February 2015.
2. The discount will be taken off the final bill total and is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
3. This offer is only applicable to one order per household.
4. Postal orders must be revived by Convert2Digital on or before 28th February to receive the discount.

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Why Convert your VHS Tapes?


Throughout the 80s and 90s VHS reigned supreme as the main format that we used to watched both commercial and home movies. Then along came DVD, a few years later Blu-ray, and now streaming video. But what about our home videos that are left lingering on tapes in attics, basements and garages around the world?

VHS Mould


Whilst VHS and tapes are more durable than old film stock, our recorded memories are not immune from degradation. Tape can be dramatically affected by a range of factors that can easily destroy those precious memories forever. Just playing VHS tapes can cause damage and loss, especially as VHS players get older. The heads inside the players can start to rust over time especially if it has been kept in cold or damp environment. Rust can become attached to the tape as it runs over the play heads. These flecks of rust can damage the tape causing glitches and dropouts that get worse over time. There is evidence that ‘overplaying’ of VHS tapes can cause eventual luminance loss, meaning the colour starts to fade the more a tape is watched. The main problem however is in long term storage of VHS. If stored in less than ideal conditions, i.e. not in temperature- and humidity-controlled environments magnetic tape is very prone to the growth of mould; once the mould starts to grow it can easily destroy a whole tape in under 5 years.
The most obvious problem we face these days however is a far simpler one. Who still has a video recorder? Of those, who still has it connected up to their television? As our home entertainment centres get sleeker and thinner who has the space for a huge video recorder on the shelf alongside the satellite box, DVD player and games console? This means those old recordings, whether they are family holiday videos, school plays, weddings or even births are put away with no way of watching them.


At Convert2Digital we capture your VHS and other tape formats using broadcast quality equipment to record the maximum information from your tapes. The digital video is then formatted for DVD using professional
DVD authoring software. Your videos will have a new lease of life presented with customised professionally made menus, complete with individual chapters and scene selections. Your home movies are then burnt to disc and presented in customised box sets that will sit with pride on any DVD shelf.
By using Convert2Digital to restore your home videos on DVD you can save those memories for you and your family for years to come. We can even provide our clients with digital videos to upload to YouTube or to the client area of our website so you can share your treasured moments with family and friends, wherever they are!

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