6 Reasons to Transfer Your VHS Tapes

Broken Video Tape

1. Mould

This is a very common problem when it comes to VHS videos as a result of their age. The most common places people keep their VHS tapes are an attic or garage which, due to moisture and rapidly changing temperatures are perfect for mould growth, making them about the worst possible place for storage.

2. Tape Warping

This can happen with temperature changes and can seriously damage the magnetic strip of the tape and again is very likely to happen in attics and garages.

3. Sticking

Sticking can also occur after temperature and air quality fluctuation, if this happens you can say goodbye to your cherished memories forever.

4. Detaching

When tape detaches from its housing it can be fixed but only if you can find someone who deals in repairing VHS Tapes. If it is not fixed, being exposed can cause severe damage to the tape and result in a deterioration in quality of the film.

5. Housing Cracks or Housing Mechanism Jams

As you know back in the day when tapes were being watched over and over again, they were probably dropped and knocked about which means there is probably housing damage to the tape whether it is visible on the outside or not. A cracked case could cause it to jam in the player, which can often lead to further tape damage or even irreparable damage to the player itself.

5. Shredded Tape

This can be caused over time due to all the above reasons and if and when that happens it will be too late to save your precious memories.

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