Home Video Transfer

We specialise in transferring and converting your home video to a futureproof digital format.
At Convert2Digital we have the facility to convert all most all commercially available video formats to the digital medium of your choice, whether that is MP4 vide files, DVD or Blu-ray. Our vintage cameras and tape decks are kept in the best possible order to ensure the best quality transfers for our customers.

Some of the most common formats we convert are:

Old VHS Video Cassettes isolated on white background


We can digitise from a number of VHS tapes including standard VHS, Long Play VHS, Super VHS, VHS-C as well as both PAL and NTSC formatted tapes.

betamax cassette


Despite being the overlooked video format of the 1980’s we are able to convert Betamax in our studio.

video 8 tape


Our Video8 services include all three commercially available formats, Video8, Hi8 and Digi8.

group of mini dv tape isolated on white

DV Tape

We have a range of Digital Video decks and cameras which allow us to cover the full range including DV, MiniDV, HDV and MiniHDV.

bobines de cinéma


At our studio we can convert your 8mm, Super8 and Super8 with audio Cine-Film reels  to High Definition or even 4K video files, DVD or Bluray.

Old audio cassette isolated on white background

Audio Cassette

As well as video tapes we have a number of cassette tape decks to transfer your old recordings to audio files or CD.



We can convert most DVD-R recordings to digital video files, futureproofing your recordings, especially as DVD players and optical drives on computers are being phased out.

if you have a format that is not listed above please contact us as we have new (vintage) equipment in on a regular basis.

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Retro Gaming

At our studio we always have a number of retro consoles set up that customers are welcome to enjoy in our waiting room.

We also offer our consoles for hire for parties and events and we are happy to put together bespoke packages upon request.

Our retro consoles include:

Nintendo Game Boy

Super Nintendo


Nintendo Wii

Sega MegaDrive

Sega MegaDrive II

Sega Game Gear

Xbox 360

Play Station


PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3

Atari 2600 (Flashback Edition)

Commodore C64 (T2 edition)

and More.


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Obsolete Data Solutions

Do you or your business have archive data still on floppy disks or saved in an outdated file format?  Important information recorded on Dictaphone tapes? Historical documents on microfiche slides?

At Convert2Digital we offer a range of vintage and obsolete data solutions to help you recover and convert any data you have stored on outdated formats.

We have a number analogue data devices including:

  • Microfiche Reader
  • Reel to Reel tape machines
  • Dictaphone recorders and players in various formats

We also have vintage computers that can open and convert old documents created on software and hardware that is no longer supported these include:

  • 3 1/2″ Floppy Disk Drive
  • DAT Drives
  • Apple Mac G4 Running OSX Tiger
  • Apple Mac PowerBook Running OS9
  • Windows 7 PC
  • Windows XP PC

A full list of both Mac and Windows software is available on request.

Vintage Data Solutions

If you want further information on any of our obsolete data solutions and vintage data recovery or conversion from any of the above formats please get in touch here.

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Why Convert?


Throughout the 80s and 90s VHS reigned supreme as the main format that we used to watched both commercial and home movies. Then along came DVD, a few years later Blu-ray, and now streaming video. But what about our home videos that are left lingering on tapes in attics, basements and garages around the world?

VHS Mould


Whilst VHS and tapes are more durable than old film stock, our recorded memories are not immune from degradation. Tape can be dramatically affected by a range of factors that can easily destroy those precious memories forever. Just playing VHS tapes can cause damage and loss, especially as VHS players get older. The heads inside the players can start to rust over time especially if it has been kept in cold or damp environment. Rust can become attached to the tape as it runs over the play heads. These flecks of rust can damage the tape causing glitches and dropouts that get worse over time. There is evidence that ‘overplaying’ of VHS tapes can cause eventual luminance loss, meaning the colour starts to fade the more a tape is watched. The main problem however is in long term storage of VHS. If stored in less than ideal conditions, i.e. not in temperature- and humidity-controlled environments magnetic tape is very prone to the growth of mould; once the mould starts to grow it can easily destroy a whole tape in under 5 years.
The most obvious problem we face these days however is a far simpler one. Who still has a video recorder? Of those, who still has it connected up to their television? As our home entertainment centres get sleeker and thinner who has the space for a huge video recorder on the shelf alongside the satellite box, DVD player and games console? This means those old recordings, whether they are family holiday videos, school plays, weddings or even births are put away with no way of watching them.


At Convert2Digital we capture your VHS and other tape formats using broadcast quality equipment to record the maximum information from your tapes. The digital video is then formatted
By using Convert2Digital to restore your home videos on digital you can save those memories for you and your family for years to come so you can share your treasured moments with family and friends, wherever they are!

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